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Our brokerage scope includes the Sale and Purchase of yachts, offshore support vessels, and harbor tugs. We are also competitive brokers in the spot Med / Black sea regions for the coastal general cargo trades. Finally, we also find charters of yachts under our management.

"I followed Alexander’s career closely throughout the years, while our relationship was solidified further via the Cyprus Branch of the Institute of Chartered Shipbrokers. I have always found our discussions concerning the developments in the shipping industry illuminating and a real pleasure. The creation of LemonBuoy marked the beginning of our professional collaboration, primarily on the spot charter of dry bulk cargoes in the Mediterranean and Black Sea.

Overall, I find Alexander to be highly autonomous, target-oriented, tech-savvy, and a passionate professional, with an inquisitive mind. On a personal level, Alexander is a loyal, honest and cooperative partner with a strong moral compass, who appreciates the value of discreetness in our industry."
Michael Taliotis
Interchart Shipping Co Ltd Diretor