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Lemonbuoy is a NautiBuoy Marine Official Reseller, the market leaders on infladable  platforms. With a multitude of platforms to choose from and modular design, NautiBuoy Marine platforms provide unique solutions for your bespoke needs.

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Relax at water level

Unparalleled luxury at water level. A unique place to share and enjoy the finer things in life whilst relaxing in comfort on one of our platforms. Offering freedom from the confines of the yacht, a new space that’s perfect for sunbathing, finding that moment of peace, or enjoying a blissful sunset.

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Soft landings

By simply connecting any two platforms in a T-shape, you’re able to configure your own jet-ski dock. This limits any damage to transoms and jet-skis, as well as providing a safer, easier transfer for yourself and your guests.

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The freedom to choose

The revolutionary patent pending Air Toggle linking system is unique to NautiBuoy Marine. Quick and easy to inflate, you can change configurations with very little time and effort.

Cleverly designed, the system enables you to link all four platform sizes to one another to create anything from jet-ski docks to longer pontoons and shapes that allow access to any part of the yacht.

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Practical seamanship

The platform can be single-handedly inflated and launched anywhere in less than five minutes, providing instant access to the water line and allowing crew members to work smarter – not harder. Gone are the days of having to detail the tender after a full topside wash down. The unique ballast bag system provides excellent stability in the water and enables easy removal from the water after use.

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Accessorise for extra enjoyment

Relaxing so close to the water is one of life’s most enjoyable pleasures. You can enhance your sunbathing and relaxation by adding that extra layer of comfort and luxury to your platform. Accessories for the maintenance units are also available.

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